Who we are

Global Notebook, a youth led startup based in The Hague, The Netherlands, emerged out of a conversation at a coffee table between two former classmates involved in a youth leadership project. 

We had a common purpose to create and run an organization which could offer experiences in international relations and law that would be helpful not only for the academic and professional aspirations of the delegates who participate, but also for help the community at large.

What we do

Global Notebook aims to provide unique international experiences to students and young professionals from all backgrounds. We offer various programs that combine classroom studies with extra-curricular and practical exposure to institutions and issues of international significance. 

 Additionally, we assist students around the world who might otherwise not have access to these experiences by absorbing the cost of their participation in certain of our programs and by providing education supplies to schools.



Ligita Baleisyte


Bharat R.Itagi



Shruti Desai


Advisory Board


Rick J. Arrowood, J.D.  

Associate Teaching Professor at Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts(USA).

Leadership Coach, International Professor in Australia & Vietnam,& Global Citizen Enthusiast.


Thomas John, ACIArb  

Principal Legal Officer at The Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH).

Barrister at the High Court and Federal Court of Australia



If you share our views on the value and benefit of international engagement and believe in the idea of making of this kind more broadly accessible, please write to us at


Global Notebook Conference is an inspiring and challenging, week-long international event for students and young professionals, between the ages of 16 and 30, held in Brussels and The Hague.

Participants in the conference will have an opportunity to learn about international relations and law, participate in simulations of international organizations, work in teams on legal exercises, engage in discussions with diplomats during visits to embassies, make new best friends and of course, explore these two charming European cities.


Preliminary schedule of the conference:


Hello day; Brussels


Workshop/Simulation + visits to International Organizations (IOs) and/or Embassies; Brussels


Workshop/Simulation + visits to IOs or Embassies Brussels Evening bus trip to The Hague


Workshop/Simulation + visits to IOs or Embassies; The Hague


Workshop/Simulation + visit to multinational company; The Hague


Final simulation/moot court competition, closing ceremony; The Hague


Good-bye day; The Hague

Conference Package

The conference fee is 1500€ and it includes:

* Airport greeting – you do not have to worry about finding your way once you land in our starting city – we will meet you at the airport and take you to the hotel.

* Accommodation – you will be placed in a double room with another participant. Our aim is to create a friendly, collegiate and international environment, so you’ll be paired with a person from a different background.

* All meals – all your meals will be planned and arranged for you. We are conscious of various considerations on this issue, so will make every attempt to make vegetarian options available. If you have any allergies or other dietary requirements, please advise us by email.

* Study materials – all reading materials that you will need to prepare for workshops will be provided on arrival. However, we recommend that you bring your own computer to undertake any other research.

* Transportation – all of your transportation for the duration of the conference (including from the airport to the hotel) will be arranged for you so that you can focus your attention on the activities we have planned.

* Site visits – all visits, both educational and touristic, which are planned by us.

* Certificate – a proof that you attended and completed GNC course.

We started The Global Notebook as a socially responsible organization. Therefore, a portion of every fee paid will be donated to schools and students in need.

Personalized Projects

We offer specific and tailor-made programs for universities, student organizations and similar institutions. If you love our Global Notebook Conference, but are unable to attend because of other commitments, you can ask us to host your group on dates that are more convenient for you: we are able to offer either standard packages or schedules tailored to your requirements (including preferred subjects for discussion, site-visits, simulations, etc.).

If you would like more information or are interested in setting up a personalized program, contact Ligita on

Alumni Program

We are setting up a very interesting alumni program that will cater to the academic and professional needs of all our delegates. The program will be led by a functional body with democratically-filled leadership roles. This body will set up an annual plan of action, establishing objectives to be achieved throughout that year. This program, and the objectives it supports, will be supported by our mentoring program, where highly educated professionals are available to alumni; to answer questions and advise on the launch of new projects (including by offering both mentorship and financial help).

More details about the program will be available at our conferences. If you have questions, please write to us on


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